We improve brand performance with design thinking, creative services and technology


Our vision

Strangelove accelerates brands - improving their performance, as well as their appearance with business insights, design and technology.

In our work we use four pillars. With these we help to harness your business' true power and achieve its true potential.

To start - everything we create is human-friendly, because inventive digital technology should always be about people first.

We also simplify what's complex, thereby crafting unique experiences, delivering more memorable brands and make people’s lives easier and better. Because simplicity is good for business.

The user experiences we design are memorable. We always aim to create the most engaging and unique content – content that people will both love and share.

And finally, our work is relevant to our client’s client, the consumer – adding real value to the lives of both.

A brand is no longer defined by what it says,

but rather by what it does


Digital Strategy, Design Consultancy

This is the heart of our agency. We study your business ecosystem. Mapping all your customer touch-points in detail lets us understand how you interact with them. We also analyse your consumer segments, trends, market and competitors - geographically, demographically and culturally.

To tame this complex collection of data we deliver a strategy in a clear, easy to wrap your head around visual way – sometimes even creating a preliminary prototype. Because visual is simple and marathon PowerPoint reports are agony.

Consultancy services

  • business design and planning
  • digital consultancy
  • service design
  • customer loyalty development


Interaction Design, Brand Identities, Creative Content

Our creative department lives to solve tough problems. Regardless if it's interface design, retail design, product ideas, or unique content, it's always about people first. We deliver seamless and memorable interactions between your brand and your consumer.

We use design thinking and creative craftsmanship to accelerate our clients' commercial results. From digital platforms and identities to retail concepts and app design, our ambition is to make your brand as consistent and memorable as possible.

Creative services

  • interaction design
  • visual / brand design 
  • copywriting and concepts
  • motion graphic design


Web, Mobile, Software

Forecasts anticipate the use of “devices” will explode to 50 billion by 2020. Crunch the numbers: that’s 6.6 devices per person (based on the 7.6 billion people expected to roam the earth by then).

Consumers have embraced digital products and services that add real value to their lives. That's why we constantly strive to stay in the forefront -  fusing digital and physical experiences. Our team develops smart commerce solutions that connect customers with your brand. Opening new channels gives them simple, clutter-cutting shortcuts to buying whatever you’re selling.

Technology services

  • websites and mobile (including testing)
  • e-commerce and loyalty platforms (CRM)
  • content management systems (CMS)
  • responsive and mobile optimization


Search Marketing, Digital Media

Media trends and the consumer behaviour that drives them, are changing rapidly. Consumers are “always-on” and have ever higher expectations. We look at what really matters, to give both you, and your customers the best possible ROI.

When we talk about connecting, we’re really talking about data. Data is the goldmine that lets us separate what works from what doesn't. Good data is fundamental to getting your products and services noticed in today’s multi-channel world. Good data leads to highly effective content. No matter what media platform, great content should always be engaging and inspiring.

Communication services

  • search engine advertising (SEA)
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • content and dialogue marketing
  • online sales planning


Managed Services, Hosting

Developing digital products and services also includes 24/7 support, and security, guaranteeing a reliable and responsive presence in constant interaction with your customers. We work hard to guarantee a high service level that's customised to your specific needs, and help you with conversion management and tactics to optimise online sales.

Strangelove's brand services and solutions are implemented and overseen by highly trained consultants and project managers.

Managed services and project handling

  • project management and account services
  • statistic and metrics reports (analytics)
  • hosting solutions and ssl (ISO standardised)
  • managed services (ISO standardised)

Partnership Network

Global Roll-out, Activation

To realize your brand’s potential, it has to be tailored for its audience. And when you’re a global brand, translation isn’t enough. You need to make sure you speak to your audience using the right cultural nuances too. Together with trusted partners, Strangelove can deliver your brand and communication solutions globally.

With our in-house account and program team we support an international network of in-market creatives, so we can activate any brand in any market in a very agile and flexible way.

The future of business is design

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