Slimleren Web Design, Storytelling, Motion Graphics

The Client

These young entrepreneurs are starting a positive revolution in education. They created online learning tools based on individual capabilities and ambitions. By making learning more enjoyable and personalised, students excel, not just in their favourite subjects, but across the board. High school education just became a bit more digital!

Creative Incentives

The more you learn, the cooler you owl gets. From run of the mill barn owl, to slickly accessorized birdy bon vivant.


These owls need a place to hang. So to bring this virtual classroom alive, we did some fun, but super simple illustrations.

Iconic owls

Get smart, without losing your cool. To appeal to this diverse young target audience we created Wise Owl avatars. Each one has a different and individual attitude and look, with at least one to match any students taste.


To explain the concept in just over one minute, you need a tight animation. Based on the illustrations we created a story that justifies the concept, the target audience and is short enought to keep the attention.

Interaction and interface development

Building a complex website starts by breaking the idea down to its essential elements. Then creating a prototype, and refining that in to and easy-to-use, intuitive interface design.

Landing page

The result is a landing page with a clear, informative overview of the services that Slim Leren has to offer.

The tests

To deliver a user experience as cool and approachable as the brand identity, the online exams have to be just as cool and approachable. These are. 

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