Lite/Dark Brand Development, Retail Design

The Client

The LITE/DARK concept is deliciously direct. Just fruit & chocolate. Juice & coffee. Lite & Dark. All organic, all hand-made, all fair-trade and totally social responsible.

Together with the owners of Lite/Dark, we created a business case based on contrast –the heavenly healthiness of fruits and fruit juices vs the sinful allure of dark chocolate. It resulted in the brand proposition: 100% energy, 100% temptation.

Brand identity

We created a tasty identity too. The vivid colour of fruit catches the eye; the tempting warm tones of the chocolaty dark side lure you in.


The print campaign featured the delicious daily doses of irony that make life so rich.

Without bitter, how can you fully appreciate sweet?

Product design

It takes balls to open a start-up in the middle of a financial crises. It takes brains if you want it to succeed. By basing designs around existing eco-friendly packaging we found a simple, clever solution that packed a powerful branding punch at very low cost.


This year, after several years of hard work, Lite/Dark opened its second store in Amsterdam. But the Lite/Dark brand is not bound by their storefront. They’re out with the people, surprising the crowds at festivals and events with unique new tastes like chocolate dipped chilis or spicy mango slices.

We are proud to be part of this wonderful Dark/Lite success story.

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