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The Client

One of the Netherlands “Big Four” tax and accounting firms, Meijburg & Co are entrepreneurial business trendsetters who know what they’re talking about. They are world-class tax advisory company with a down-to-earth style.

Step into the world of

Every year Meijburg & Co connects with university students with an recruitment campaign that stands out from all its competitors. To make the big step students face when leaving the protected grounds of university tangible, we created ‘step into the world of Meijburg & Co’. This concept was translated across print, digital, social and events.

Corporate website on iMac
Corporate website on iPad
Corporate website on iPhone

Corporate website

This ‘big four’ company communicates within the professional community via a website that is rich in content and connectivity. Adhering to the brand guidelines of the “big sister “ company KPMG, we created an outstanding digital platform, allowing professionals and clients to interact as never before.

Custom HR Icons

Meijburgs’ HR focuses on students and starters. To bring the corporate identity to this important target audience, we created a unique set of brand icons with a vivid, more youthful style.

Multiple devices

And of course the digital environment of a corporate leader such as Meijburg & Co needs to accessible from multiple devices. So we made corporate website as well as the new HR website fully responsive for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

HR Website

To solidify its position as business leader, Meijburg & Co requires the best young professionals available. That starts with cherry-picking the best students and starters every year again. To be proactive in meeting this young, ambitious audience, we created a stand-alone website with a smart tool that allows them to apply through a channel they already use, LinkedIn.

Extensive Calendar

To meet the high expectations of tax law professionals, workshops and activities have to be planned flawlessly. Clever online tools make flawless simple.

Tax Battle

To attract the top tax law graduates, Meijburg & Co organizes several events throughout the academic year. For “Tax Battle” event we depicted students and their mentors as tax law Super Heroes in keeping with the brands down-to-earth approach.


From invitations and flyers to brochures and booklets, these characters brought youthful energy to this traditionally serious and professional industry.

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